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Our policy is to keep a comprehensive range of "stock" (bread and butter) service items such as spark plugs, brake pads, distributor caps and water pumps on the shelf - no easy task when attempting to cover every American make! At least once a week we have a top-up delivery from our main UK supplying warehouse. Our strength is in hard parts, such as suspension components, steering tie-rod ends, universal joints, drive belts, filters and just about anything that may go wrong in an engine. So whether your need is a ball joint for a '66 Mustang or filters for a 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee, please contact us first! Click here to order parts online


Should the part you require not be readily available in the UK, we can now source many such items from the US in as few as four working days via express carrier.

For special order items such body panels, trim, glass and other bits and pieces that generally have to be sourced from a relevant dealer (Ford, GM, Chrysler) in America, we have a weekly airfreight service, leaving on a Friday and arriving at our warehouse early the next week. In practice, this means that if the required part is readily available in the States, it should be available from us about 10 days from the date of your order.

About the most important piece of information you can give us when making an enquiry for a part is the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), or what used to be called the chassis number. This number is to be found on the top of the dash, where it meets the windscreen and is visible through the screen in the same area where your tax disc is (hopefully) displayed. As a cross-check, the same number is also normally found as a plastic sticker on the left-hand door shut. The VIN tells us virtually everything we need to know to respond properly to your inquiry or order. On occasions, however, we will need to ask supplementary questions.

Obviously, after more than 40 years in the business, we have accumulated a lot of surplus parts, mainly "New Old Stock" body and crash parts, but also useable secondhand items -- identified by original part number (where possible) in addition to application. Scroll down to locate that part you thought you'd never find! (Universal-fit items are at the very end of the listings, followed by our surplus stock of workshop manuals and tuning books etc).

USED, FOR SALER SALE                                                    


C5ZZ1350A Rear lamp lens, either side, '64-66 Ford Mustang, fair

condition, small crack, £6.00

C5ZZ6506024D  Woodgrain-finish glovebox lid with pony emblem,

'64-Mustang, excellent condition, £50.00

D3LY13200A  RH front parklamp assembly, '73 Lincoln MkIV (part number for '74-76 is different but unit looks identical), slight pitting, but undamaged, £45.00

D3LY13201A  LH front parklamp assembly, as above, £45.00

D7LY1708A  Wiper motor (stamped D4SF17504AA), in working condition,

'74-76 Lincoln MkIV, £30.00

D7LY6529710A  (NAGS TQ5527) Opera windows (with standard Lincoln

"crosshairs" emblem incorporated), either side, '77-79 Lincoln MkV, good

condition and complete with slightly pitted oval mouldings for use with vinyl roof models, £60.00 the pair

D8VY13405A LH rear lamp assembly, '75-79 Lincoln Continental,

(not Mks), slight pitting but unbroken, £55.00

D9VY17757A front bumper facebar, good condition, '77-79 Lincoln Continental (not Mks)

£150, buyer collects

YC2Z2A635AA and YC2Z2A635AB  Pair of rear brake cables, '99-02 Econoline van, good usuable condition, £30.00 the pair

3C3Z8146AJ  Engine outer fan shroud and seal, '03-07 Ford F-series trucks with 6-litre Power Stroke turbo diesel (3C48146AJ moulded into shroud is probably an engineering number), £75.00, buyer collects

D3080 Nags RH door glass, '61-'63 Thunderbird, £30, buyer collect




Freshly-rebuilt Pontiac-pattern TH400 three speed gearbox, less torque converter, ready to go, £750.00, buyer collects

Rebuilt '85 Chevy-pattern 700R4 gearbox and torque converter, 30-spline, fits up to '87 models, £1,150.00, buyer collects

Corvette America Superior Flannel quality interior car cover, C6 Chevrolet Corvette, excellent condition, £80.00

Red rear side marker lamp with chrome trim, either side, lense marked Guidex / Guide 8 / SAE PIA 69, probably '71-84 Chevy and GMC full-size vans, good used, £8.00

351966  Engine fan shroud, '79-80 Chevy and GMC full-size vans with 305 or 350 V8, air conditioning and heavy-duty radiator, slight modifications to two corners, but usable, £25.00, buyer collects

929439  Red export tail lamp (lens marked 16500263 / 16501031 16500319), inner or outer, either side, '84-90 Chevrolet Corvette with circular lamps, very good condition, £20.00, six in stock

929908  RH park / turn signal lamp, '82-86 Pontiac Bonneville, good as new, £20.00

5930905  LH tail lamp bezel, '77-79 Buick Estate Wagon, 99 per cent perfect, £25.00

5930906  RH tail lamp bezel, as above, £25.00

5967743 LH tail lamp assembly with lense and 5930873 bezel, '77-79 Chevy Impala and Caprice wagons, very good condition, £50.00

5971994  RH rear combination lamp, '81-88 Chevy Monte Carlo excluding LS or models with Special stop and tail lamp, , £40.00

5977141 LH tail lamp assembly, with black grid lense, '90-96 Olds Silhouette, good condition, £90.00

5977142 RH tail lamp assembly, as above, good condition, £90.00

10000609  Engine fan shroud extension, '77-79 Pontiac Firebird and TransAm with 400 V8, air conditioning and heavy-duty cooling, good condition £10.00

10004342 RH rear spoiler end piece (mates with 480161 on luggage lid),

'79-81 Pontiac Trans Am, good condition, £25.00

10004343  LH rear spoiler end piece, as above, £25.00

10004338 RH front wheel opening forward spoiler, '79-81 Pontiac Firebird and TransAm, white urethane, attachment holes not in good shape, but otherwise OK, £50.00

10402836 LH door power lock / 10402838 window / 10195585 mirror

assembly of switches, plus RH 10402835 power lock / 10402837 window assembly,  both in bezels (black), all good, '94-96 Chevy Camaro, £50.00

12397642 front panel (nosecone), '79-81 Pontiac Firebird and TransAm, surface crazed but intact, £175.00, buyer collects

12559507 LH exhaust manifold, '00-02 Pontiac Firebird and Chevrolet Camaro with 350ci (LS1)

£100.00, buyer collects

14021289  One-piece engine fan shroud, '78-80 Chevy and GMC full-size pickups and Suburbans, all V8 models, good as new, £45.00

14094063 LH exhaust manifold, '87-92 Camaro/Firebird, with engine code 8 or F


16516395  LH complete headlamp assembly, '90-93 Chevy Lumina and Pontiac Trans Sport, '90-96 Olds Silhouette, perfectly good, £40.00

16516396  RH complete headlamp assembly, as above, £40.00

16569625  Rear combination lamp lense, inner or outer, either side, Chevrolet Corvette, '89-96 with square lamps, excellent condition, £25.00, two in stock

20099250  RH front/rear exterior door lift-up handle, chrome,

'77-81 Buick Electra, Limited, Le Sabre, Century and Estate, '82-87

Regal, '77-79'-84?) Chevy Impala and Caprice, '78-86 Monte Carlo,

'79-84 El Camino, '78-87 GMC Caballero, '77-79 Olds Delta 88 and 98 (excluding with illmination), '78-79 and '82-88 Cutlass, '78-81 and

'84-87 Pontiac Grand Am, Grand Prix, Bonneville, Catalina, Safari, Le Mans, good condition, £20.00

22115157  Engine cooling fan, '92-94 Olds Silhouette, '92-95 Chevy Lumina and Pontiac Trans Sport (all with 3.8 V6), '95-96 Olds Silhouette, '96 Chevy Lumina and Pontiac Trans Sport (all engines in all models), '94-96 Buick Century and Olds Cutlass Ciera (both with 3.1 V6), good condition, £20.00

'79-81 Pontiac TransAm, LH t/lamp, including fuel door, dusty but complete, £60.00




83501843 Air filter, £51.00, two available




(Probably) Mopar 4762258  RH park / turn signal lamp assembly (casting numbers on reverse 4399712 and 4399938), '91-93 Dodge Caravan, good overall condition with just a few minor scratches, £40.00, but buyer should collect to confirm we have identified the part correctly

Mopar 4675687 LH front door handle, black, non-illuminated type, '92-95 Chrysler Town&Country, Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager, £20.00

Mopar 4720498  RH Euro-spec rear lamp assembly, '84-90 Jeep

Cherokee, some adhesive overspray but no cracks, £35.00

Mopar 5261880  RH Euro-spec tail lamp assembly, excellent condition, with bulbs, '95-99 Chrysler and Dodge Neon, £40.00

Mopar 5261881 LH Euro-spec tail lamp assembly, as above, £40.00



 5GM941005 +6 US-spec LH and RH complete headlamp assemblies in perfect condition, MkVII Golf / GTI,   £100.00 the pair




(Mainly body and trim) 

(This list is constantly updated  /  Prices exclude VAT)

GMKSCOOP03 universal 2.5" Cowl induction hood scoop, 48"x24", £175.00 buyer collect



Geon / Moog K3102 upper suspension ball Joint '75-80 Pacer, £33.06

Moog K3022 upper trunnion kit '62-69 American Motors, £65.00 (two in stock)

Moog K3103 lower suspension ball joint '75-80 Pacer,£46.66

3197003  Heater control valve, '70-72 Gremlin and Hornet, '71-72 Matador, all with

                  six-cylinder engine, £20.00

3215797  Licence plate lamp, '71-72 Hornet with 1-1/2" mounting screws, '72 Javelin,

                 '73 Ambassador four-door sedan and two-door hardtop, '73 Matador, £10.00

3220077  LH front park lamp lense, '70-73 Ambassador, £20.00

3576891  Tailgate weatherstrip, outer at belt, '70-74 Ambassador wagon, £20.00

3609175  Tailgate weatherstrip, inner at belt, '70-74 Ambassador wagon, £20.00

3614544  RH rear lamp assembly, '69 Rebel sedan, £50.00

3633762  RH side marker lense, '71-73 Ambassador, £30.00

3656700  Interior door trim bright moulding, 34-inches long, '70s, model unknown

                  (may be Pacer), £10.00

3678868  RH front park / turn indicator lens, '75-80 Pacer, £25.00

3684409  LH headlamp bezel, '75-78 Matador sedan and wagon (not coupe), £36.00

3684530  RH rear quarter moulding, rearward of wheel opening, '76-77 Pacer coupe,


3684531  LH rear quarter moulding (as above), £15.00

4489068  RH front fender forward outer moulding, '73 Ambassador, £12.00

8120227  Red rear side marker lamp with bezel and gasket, either side, '71-78 Matador,

                  '73-74 Ambassador, £25.00

8122674  RH twin-headlamp bezel, including side marker bulb socket and wire,

                  '73 Ambassador, £50.00

8124009  LH front fender forward moulding, '74-78 Matador sedan and wagon, £10.00

8124011  LH front fender front vertical moulding, '74-78 Matador sedan and wagon,


8126511  Moulding at lower LH corner of windshield, (casting number on reverse

                  3678947) '75-77 Pacer, £10.00 

J8130296 Front Drive Shaft Center Yoke for 76-86 Jeep ® CJ-7, 97-02 Wrangler TJ, 84-01 Cherokee XJ & 93-98                          Grand Cheorkee ZJ with Dana Spicer Double Cardan Joint , £80.00



FORD (Ford, Lincoln, Mercury)

Brand unknown  Cobra red glass fibre scoops for "air intake" panels forward of rear wheels, '94-98 Mustang, £50.00 the pair 

Lokar Performance KDP2AODHT  Complete braided stainless steel kickdown cable kit

with all fittings, plus SRK4000 stainless carb bracket and return springs to suit, for Ford

AOD transmissions, £150.00

Moog K239/k612 idler arm, '54-56 Ford/Mercury, £50.00

Moog K911 Lower Control Arm Ball Joint, '77-80 Lincoln Versailles, £65.00

Moog 8161 Rear coil springs, '65 full-size Ford passenger models, £188.00

Motormite  75401  Chrome door lock knob and grommet kit, '65 and later Fords, £5.00


BM7325662B repro  Medalion emblem for body side, '54-56 Crestliner four door,

'55 Fairlane front door, '55-56 Crown Victoria and convertible, also on top centre of

rear seat, '57-58 Fairlane 500, and Crown Victoria retractables and convertibles, £20.00

Metro LM110VL+VR (Ford F1UZ1520531A, E8UZ1520530A) front door seals,

'75-'91 E150/250/350 vans, £60.00 each

Rare Parts 20223 Idler arm assembly, '65-66 Mustang, six-cylinder, manual steering, £80.00

Rare Parts 25764 Centre / drag link, '65-66 Mustang, six-cylinder, manual steering, £160.00

Stant 90020  Heater matrix, '79-82 and '87-88 Ford Country Squire, Custom, Galaxie and LTD, '80-88 Ford Crown Victoria, '80 Lincoln Continental, '80-83 MkVI and '81-88 Town Car, '79-82 Mercury Marquis, '79-88 Grand Marquis and '87-88 Colony Park, £95.00

Valley 6596 (new number 6517) 3,500lb (300lb tongue weight) Class II trailer hitch, '89-96 Thunderbird (excluding Super Coupe), Lincoln MkIII and Mercury Cougar, £190.00

4Seasons 58120  Air conditioning compressor (new, not remanufactured), '90-95 Bronco and F-series pickups, '90-96 E-series vans,'92-94 F-59 motorhome chassis,

'95-98 Windstar, '96 E-series Super Duty vans, '93-94 Lincoln Continental, £250.00

3R3Z13008AB/AC pair of aftermarket (TYC) headlights '01-'04 Mustang, £150.00

C3OZ6221813E  LH front door lock assembly, '62-65 Fairlane, £48.00

C5ZZ10848MK repro Instrument bezel mounting screw kit, '65-66 Mustang, £3.50

C5ZZ6521762 repro  Door glass stop bumper, fits inside bottom of either door, £6.00

C7ZZ6522811A repro  LH lower door hinge assembly, '67-68 Mustang, £58.00

C7ZZ6529164    RH rear wheel-opening moulding, '67-68 Mustang, £32.00

C8LY6521401B (NAGS TD3743)  LH door glass, tinted, '69-to-early-70 Lincoln MkIII

                              (built before 13 October '69), £130.00, buyer collects

C8LY6529700B (NAGS TQ3744)  RH rear quarter glass assembly, tinted, including,                                            frame and channel, '79-71 Lincoln MkIII, £55.00, buyer collects

C8UZ3355A  Steering idler arm, '68-74 Econline E100 and 200 with manual steering, £60.00

C8ZZ6523200A   RH window regulator, manual, '68 Mustang, £70.00 

C9AZ13209A  Parklamp lens, either side, '69 full-size Ford,  £16.90

C9AZ13450A  Rear lamp lens, either side, '69 full-size Ford excluding wagon,  £40.00

C9AZ6329164A  RH rear wheel opening moulding, '69 XL excluding wagon, '70 XL,

                                LTD and Galaxie excluding wagon, £28.00

C9AZ6542404A  Back window lower moulding, RH, '69-70 full size Ford 

                                two-door hardtops, and fastbacks built before 3/3/69, £11.00              

C9AZ6542405A  Back window lower moulding, LH, '69-70 full-size Ford

                                two-door hardtops, and fastbacks built before 3/3/69, £11.00

C9AZ6542431A  Back window upper moulding, LH, '69-70 full-size Ford

                                two-door hardtops, and fastbacks built before 3/3/69, £15.00

C9SZ65291A24A  RH moulding, upper, rear of quarter panel, '70-71 Thunderbird, £25.00

DOSZ13450A  RH rear lamp lens, '70-71 Thunderbird, £48.00

DOSZ5729077A  LH quarter panel centre moulding, forward of wheel opening, with black

                                insert, '70-71 Thunderbird four-door, £15.00

DOZZ8221A  Grille opening lower panel, '70 Mustang exc GT350 and 500, £40.00

D1AZ16038C  RH front wheel opening moulding, '71-72 LTD, £18.00

D1AZ13783A  Dome / piller lamp lens, '71-73 Mustang, '71-77 Maverick and Mercury

                           Comet, '71-79 Torino, '73-79 Thunderbird, '75-79 Granada --- all models

                           without map light --- £15.00,

D1AZ13788A  Dome / piller lamp body, same applications as above, £20.00,

D1AZ6529165A LH rear wheel opening moulding, '71 Galaxie, excluding station

                               wagon, £16.50

D1FZ3050A Lower Ball Joint Moog K8163,'71-73 Pinto, £51.10

D1ZZ13064B  LH headlamp door, '71-72 Mustang, £20.00

D1ZZ15A440A  RH front side marker lamp bezel, '71-73 Mustang, £15.00

D1ZZ16039A  RH front wheel opening moulding, '71-72 Mustang, £28.00

D1ZZ16160A  RH front fender chrome front moulding, '71-72 Mustang, £40.00

D1ZZ6520938C  RH door upper moulding with black vinyl insert, '71-73 Mustang,

                               £80.00, buyer collects

D1ZZ6528010A  RH rear quarter panel extension, '71-72 Mustang coupe and

                               convertible (not fastback), £90.00

D2GY15A201D  LH rear side marker lamp, red, '72-74 Ranchero, £20.00

D2LY16003B  Front fender side moulding rearward of wheel opening, either side,

                          '72 Lincoln Continental (not MkIV), £25.00

D2OZ6523201A  LH front door manual window regulator, '72 Fairlane, Ranchero and

                                Mercury Montego, £50.00

D2VY6529164A RH rear wheel opening moulding, '72 Lincoln Continental (not MkIV) £20.00

D3LY13208C  RH park lamp lense, '73-76 Lincoln MkIV, £25.00

D3LY13404A  RH rear lamp assembly, '72-73 Lincoln MkIV, £90.00

D3ZZ6540320A (Sherman 469-70)  Rear panel (enclosing lamps), '71-73 Mustang, £170.00

D3ZZ8282A  RH  grille moulding, '73 Mustang, £30.00

D3ZZ8419C  Lower grille moulding, '73 Mustang, £15.00

D4AZ17A812A  Front bumper guard pads (two used on car), '74 Custom, Galaxie,

                              LTD, Country Sedan, Country Squire and Ranch Wagon, £20.00 pair

D40Z6529165C LH rear wheel opening moulding, '74 Elite, £39.00

D4VY17K831B  RH rear bumper outer pad, black, '74 Lincoln Continental, £23.90

D4VY17K833B  RH front bumper outer pad, black, '74 Lincoln Continental, £23.90

D4ZZ17D838A  Front bumper guard bright moulding, with attaching parts, early '74

                              Mustang II (built before May '74), £6.00

D5UZ16039A    LH front wheel opening moulding, '75-91 Econoline without two-tone

                             paint, £58.00

D5VY17K333B  RH front outer bumper pad, black with white stripe, '75 Lincoln

                             Continental, £23.90

D6FZ62226000A  Interior door handle, '72-80 Pinto and Mercury Bobcat, £10.00

D7AZ13550A  Licence lamp, '77-79 LTD II excluding wagon, March '77-82 Granada sedan,

                           '77-82 Thunderbird, '77-79 Lincoln Continental two and four doors and

                           MkV, '77-80 Lincoln Versailles, '77-79 Mercury Cougar, '78-83 Futura and

                           Fairmont excluding wagons and Mercury Zephyr, '79-80 Pinto and

                           Mercury Bobcat, '80-86 Ford "flareside" pickups, '80-83 Lincoln MkVI,

                           '80-82 Mercury Cougar XR7 (RH lamp only), '81-82 standard Cougar

                            sedan, £15.00, two in stock   

D7DZ542087AB  RH front door lower moulding with blue vinyl insert, '75-80 Granada

                                Ghia four-door, £46.00, buyer collects

D7LY17A807A  Bumper guard pad, black, fits LH or RH, front or rear, £9.90

D8BZ17K832A  LH rear outer bumper pad, black, '78-83 Fairmont and Futura, £9.90

D8BZ5422404A  RH front door handle, chrome type, '72-76 Torino, Gran Torino and

                               Ranchero, '74-78 Mustang II, '75-82 Granada, '77-79 LTD II, '77-82

                               Thunderbird, '78-83 Fairmont and Futura, '83-86 LTD, '73-79 F150,

                               F150 an F350, '78-79 Bronco, '77-80 Lincoln Versailles, '72-74

                               Mercury Montego and Villager, '73-78 Mercury Marquis, Grand

                               Marquis, Monterey and Colony Park, '78-80 Mercury Monarch,

                               '78-83 Mercury Zephyr, £35.00, two in stock

D8BZ5422405A  LH as above, but just one in stock

D8DZ16039A   LH front wheel opening moulding, 1-3/4" type, '78-80 Granada, £24.00

D8DZ6629164A RH rear wheel opening moulding, 1-3/4" type, '78-80 Granada, £24.00

D9ZZ13200A (later replaced by E5ZZ13200A)  Park lamp assembly, either side, '79-86

                          Mustang, slightly cracked but serviceable, £6.00

D9VY6039038AY  RH rear quarter lower rear moulding, with metallic gold vinyl insert,

                                  (almost certainly) '79 Lincoln Continental two door, £10.00

D9ZZ13451B  LH rear combination lamp lens and seal package, '79-82 Mustang, £49.00 

E0TZ15442B  Amber rear fender marker lamp, either side, '87-91 F-series pickups with

                          dual rear wheels £12.00

E0TZ15442C  Red rear fender marker lamp, either side, '87-91 F-series pickups with

                           dual rear wheels, £12.00 (Two more in stock as GM 14067520)

E0TZ9929038A   RH quarter panel moulding, centre of wheel opening, '80-86 Bronco

                                and F-series pickups, £23.00

                                (Note this is not the EOTZ9929164A full wheel opening moulding)

E0VY54517C80A  RH front centre roof drip moulding, '80-83 Lincoln MkVI four-door,


E0VY54517C81A  LH front centre roof drip moulding, '80-83 Lincoln MkVI four door,


E3DZ13064A  RH headlamp bezel, '83 LTD sedan and Squire wagon and Mercury

                          Marquis, £40.00

E64Y13008D  LH headlamp assembly witrh bulb, '86-88 Mercury Sable, £80.00

E7TZ17B807B  Rear step bumper pad, '87-95 Bronco, £15.00

E7UZ16005A repro  RH front fender, '75-91 Econoline, £120.00, buyer collects

E7UZ16006A repro  LH front fender, '75-91 Econoline, £120.00, buyer collects

E7ZZ6129077BA  LH rear quarter moulding, forward of wheel opening, paint to match,

                           '87-93 Mustang GT, £95.00

E9SZ17682B  LH power door mirror, black / paint to match, '89-97 Thunderbird and

                          Mercury Cougar, £50.00

F0VY5424701A  LH rear door skin, '90-94 Lincoln Town Car, £250.00, buyer collects

F0ZZ13450A  RH rear combination lamp lense, (Twilight Blue body), '87-93 Mustang

                          GT, £75.00  

F0ZZ8A284A   Front bumper cover reinforcement, '87-93 Mustang LX, GT and Cobra,

                            £100.00, buyer collects

F1UZ1520531A  LH front door weatherstrip, '75-91 Econoline, £90.00

F2TZ6049DX  Remanufactured loaded cylinder head, '92 trucks and motorhomes with

                           460 V8, £290.00, buyer collects

F4UZ17682A  Aftermarket convex-type RH door mirror, black, manual "swing-style"

                           '92-06 Econoline, £50.00 (need to re-use original bracket cover)


F4UZ17696A  LH power door mirror assembly gooseneck style, '92-04 Econoline, £175.00

F4ZZ13201A  LH park / signal / side marker lamp, '94-98 Mustang, £48.00

F4ZZ17K707B  LH mirror glass, '94-04 Mustang excluding Jap foldaway spec, £12.00

F5AZ13405A  LH rear lamp assembly, '95-97 Crown Victoria, £95.00

F6ZZ63611B08AAA  RH front seat belt and retractor assembly, black webbing, '94-96

                                       Mustang coupe, £40.00

F65Z17C886AA Front bumper mounting plate, '97-04 Lightning, F150 and F250 Heritage

                               models, pack of two (both required for each vehicle), £20.00

F7CZ17682BA Aftermarket RH power door mirror, '97-02 US (LHD) Escort, '97-99

                            Mercury Tracer, £58.00                         

F7UZ1521411AA (NAGS DD09095GTY)  LH cab door glass, '97-07 Econoline,

                                  £120.00, buyer collects

F8AZ4234DA Aftermarket (Dorman 630-205) axle shaft, either side, five-stud, 28-spline,  

                          32-1/4" long, '98-02 Lincoln Town  Car sedan (not limo), Ford Crown Victoria

                          and Mercury Grand Marquis, £165.00

F85Z13405CA  LH rear lamp, '97-03 F150 Regular and Super Cab Styleside pickups,

                             '97-04 F150 Heritage and F250 LD (light duty), £40.00

F88Z1625532AA  Sliding side door moulding with red insert, paint to match, '95-97

                                 Windstar GL, £40.00


F9ZZ1007LA  35th Anniversary 17-inch alloy wheel, '99 Mustang, £195.00

N6067035439  Front bumper plate bolts, '97-98 F150 (excluding Lightning) and F250,

                            (pack of four), £8.00

W520824S439  Front bumper plate nuts to fit above, pack of four, £8.00

XC2Z13A613AA (old number F2UZ13A613A)   High-level brake light, '92-06 Econoline

                                E150, 250 and 350 without cargo lamp, £45.00

XC2Z18478BA  Heater mattrix casing, '97-14 Econoline vans and Club Wagons, fits most

                             if not all model and engine combinations, £60.00

XL3Z17752AA  Front bumper RH mounting bracket, '97-04 F150 Lightning, £15.00

XL3Z17752AB  Front bumper LH mounting bracket, '97-04 F150 Lightning, £15.00

YL3Z13404AA repro  RH rear combination lamp, '00 (from 12/2/00)-04 F150 regular

                            and Super Cabs, excluding Lightning, £95.00

XL3Z151208AAB  RH inner scuff plate, dark grey, '99-04 F150 regular cab and Lightning,

                                  front inner for F150 and 250 Super Cab models, £35.00

XL3Z151209AAB  LH inner skuff plate as above, £35.00

XL3Z1529039AAF  Moulding, rear step, LH, lower, dark grey, '99-04 F150, Lightning,                                                      F250 LD (light duty), all Flareside, £40.00

YL3Z17B807AB  Rear bumper LH step pad, dark grey, '99-04 F150, Lightning, and, F250

                                LD (light duty), all Flareside only, £70.00

YR3Z13404AA  RH rear lamp assembly, US spec, '99-02 Mustang base and GT, and all

                             '03-04 Mustangs, £60.00, three in stock                                         

Z1A043AA  Locking wheel nut set, metric M14x20 thread, tapered seat, '01-12 F150,                                          Expedition and Lincoln Navigator, £45.00                                                                   

1L2Z13404AA  RH rear lamp, '02-05 Explorer, £71.50                                                  

1L2Z13405AA  LH rear lamp, '02-05 Explorer, £71.50                                                   

2R3Z16102AA  RH front fender inner liner/splashguard, '99-04 Mustang,  £80.00, buyer collects

5R3Z17K835AAACP   Rear bumper cover, ready for paint, '05-09 Mustang base and         de-luxe models, excluding GT versions, £250.00, buyer collects

6R3Z13404AB  RH rear lamp assembly, US spec, with all pigtail sockets, '05-09 Mustang,

                           including '07-08 Shelby GT500, £75.00

6R3Z13405A  LH rear lamp assembly, as above, £75.00



GM (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Olds, Pontiac)

Brand Unknown  Amber rear turn indicator lamp lenses, '89-96 Chevrolet Corvette

with square lenses (not available from GM or Ecklers), £80.00 the pair

Fully built 1992-1996 Chevy 454, bored and stroked to 496 cubic inches, upwards of 500hp and 600ft/lb of torque

Generation V, four bolt mains, block shot peened, magna fluxed and pressure tested, line honed and square decked. Probe 10.25-to-1 forged pistons with moly rings, Pro Comp forged steel H-beam rods, Externaly balanced Pro Comp crank with a 4.250 stroke. Elgin cam (.576 lift / 246 duration @50 on both int/exh wih 108 lobe separation). Cloyes double-roller timing chain ang gears. Pro Comp alloy rectangular-port heads with stainless heavy duty valves (2.25 and 1.88), double springs, chrome moly retainers and 1.7-ratio roller rockers, new pushrods, rocker studs, guide plates plus 12-point chrome moly head bolts.

Just requires an 850 Holley to make it happen! A bargain at £5,700

Brand Unknown  Chrome boss cover for factory-original steering wheel, '67-68 Chevy Camaro and Pontiac Firebird, £5.00

Counterparts 64-100812  Repro headlamp bezels, chrome, '64-66 Chevy pickups, £30.00 the pair

CVF Racing SBC1PS billet aluminium power steering pulley for small-block Chevy stock pump, single groove, 5.8-inch diameter, 1.3-inches deep, £60.00

Detroit Speed 031101 Front road springs for the company's coilover-type shocks part numbered 031001, '67-69 Chevy Camaro and Pontiac Firebird with small-blocks, '68-74 Chevy Nova with small-block, £70.00 the pair

Dorman 51389 RH mirror glass (only), '93-02 Chevy Camaro with sail-type manual or   remote door mirror, £10.00

Dorman 674-161 (GM 12551443) RH Exhaust manifold '85- Chevy C,G,K,P,R,V series van and truck with 454ci engine, £155.00

Fairchild G4068 (GM 10268887) front roof panel weatherstrip,'84-'96 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible, Coupe ; 2 Door £135.00

Hedman 68410  Headers, '78-81 Chevy Camaro with 231 V6, £90.00

ICP Crown,  Black / Grey "Houndstooth" 14" spare tyre cover, '67-81 Chevy Camaro,£25.00

LMC Truck 36-4412 parklight lens, amber, 1967-72 GMC Truck, 1970-72 GMC Jimmy,
1967-72 GMC Suburban, £35.00

Mallory 2564301  Dual-point YL performance distributor, non vacuum advance type, with cap, Buick 215-300-340 and 350 plus Rover 3.5 V8 excluding SD1, £150.00

Millenium Industries 16-0726  Wiper motor to firewall seal, '68-69 Chevy Chevelle, Nomad and Delux, '68-77 Camaro, '68-79 Nova, '71-75 Monza and Vega, '68-69 Buick Special and Skylark, '73-75 Apollo, '68-69 Olds Cutlass, '73-75 Omega, '68-74 Pontiac Firebird, '76-81 Firebird, '68-69 Tempest and Custom, '76-81 Le Mans and Grand Prix (motor to center duct), '71-79 Pontiac full-size models, '76-81 Pontiac full-size models (to centre duct)                                          --- all with non-recessed wipers, £3.00

Moog K5083 Idler arm, '63-64 Full Size Oldsmobile with SAGINAW steering, £45.00


PUI Interiors F206-2  Eight-piece weatherstrips kit for side glass, '70-72 Chevy Chevelle convertible, £50.00


PUI interiors F235-1 Eight-piece weatherstrips kit for side glass, '68-'69 coupe, £50.00

Richmond 49-0041-1  10-bolt ring and pinion set, 3.73:1, fits dozens of GM cars and trucks'70-96, including '71-81 Camaro and Firebird / TransAm, £150.00

Sherman 727-05AL LH inner reinf. A-pillar , '55-'57 Chevy, 70.00

Sherman  898-20  LH inner door bottom panel, vented, partially replacing door shell,

'73-91 full-size Chevy Blazer and GMC Jimmy, '73-87 full-size Chevy and GMC pickups, £25.00, buyer collects

SoffSeal W5112  Quarter glass weatherstrips, outer at belt, can use for '68-72 Chevy

Chevelle, Pontiac GTO, Olds Cutlass and Buick Skylark two-doors including convertibles, '69-70 Buick, Chevy, Olds and Pontiac full-size two doors including

convertibles, '69-72 Pontiac Grand Prix and '70-72 Chevy Monte Carlo, £18.00 the pair

Spicer C3-3-319 16 Spline 1.5 GM 3657075 yoke, £55.00

Spectra Premium 94483  Heater mattrix, '91-97 Chevy and GMC pickups, Blazer and Yukon, all with V8s, plus '92-97 with V6 engines. Also '98-99 models with V8 only, '00 models with 8.1 gasolene or 6.5 diesel only, and '01-02 C3500 models only. plus '99-00 Cadillac Escalade £95.00

Steel Horse 73101  Grey carpet-style weatherproof bedliner, '88-98 Chevy and GMC   full-size long-bed (8ft) pickups, £150.00, buyer collects

Superlift SuperTrac heavy-duty traction bars, '88-91 (and probably up to '98) Chevy and GMC pickups, £160.00

Trim Parts 121  RH and LH pair of lenses for 898423 and 4 tail lamps, '57 Chevrolet

210, Bel Air and Nomad (not regular station wagon), £25.00

TYC 4721 (GM 52480034)  Air conditioning condenser, '99-00 Cadillac Escalade, '96-00

Chevy Blazer, Tahoe and Suburban and GMC Yukon and Suburban -- all engines in all

cases, £190.00

TYC 11128369 (GM 370867) tail lamp, £49.00

TYC 11128269 (GM 370868) tail lamp, £49.00

Valley 6051  1,000 (100lb tongue weight) trailer hitch, 75-78 Buick Skyhawk, Chevy Monza and Olds Starfire, £40.00

Valley 75420  Exterior spare tyre carrier, '83-96 full-size Chevy and GMC vans £25.00 

Walker / IMCO Complete dual exhaust system, including mufflers and resonators, '65-66

Chevrolet Bel Air, Biscayne, Caprice, Impala and Super Sport, with 283 V8, (excluding all wagons), £175.00, buyer collects, or approx £25.00 carriage

327695 repro (Eckler's A2993) Front lower spoiler, '73-79 Chevrolet Corvette

                excluding Pace Car, £36.00, buyer collects

336201  Dome light lense, '74-82 Chevrolet Corvette, '73-91 full-size Chevy Blazer and

               GMC Jimmy, full-size Chevy and GMC pickups and Suburbans, '73-78 full-size

               Chevy and GMC vans and P-series step vans, '82-90 Chevy S15 pickup, '91-03

                GMC Sonona and '91 Chevy Syclone, £6.00

342831  LH roof drip moulding, black or paint to match, inner, front door, '74-91 Chevy

               and GMC crew-cab pickups and Suburbans, £20.00

342832  RH roof drip moulding, inner, front door, as above, £20.00

362011  Chrome cover for 15-inch wheels, '78-91 Chevy C1500 pickups and '78-95 2WD

                Suburbans, £50.00, two in stock

368183  LH front fender forward extension, '75-79 Chevy Nova standard model and

                '76 Nova Concours, £30.00

368201  LH headlamp bezel, '78 Chevy Chevette Scooter, £20.00

371803   LH front door vent glass assembly, less glass, without locking handle, with

                 black sash and channel, '71-77 Chevy and GMC vans, £120.00

371954   RH front bumper guard, '77-79 Chevy Caprice and Impala, £50.00

371957   Front bumper guard cushion, '77-79 Chevy Caprice and Impala, £6.00

375643  Front bumper (with guards) LH upper outer impact cushion, '77-79 Chevy

                Impala and Caprice, £29.00

375722  RH front fender moulding, lower, rear of wheel opening, '77-79 Chevy Impala

                and Caprice, £25.00

377497  LH centre grille moulding, paint to match, '78-80 Chevy C and K pickups,

                Blazer and Suburban, £20.00

417090  Engine oil dipstick tube, '74-75 Oldsmobile 350N diesel and 403, '82-84 full-size

                Buicks with 350N and 307, £12.00

468031  LH headlamp bezel, black, '78-81 Chevy Camaro Z-28, £30.00

475746  RH front side marker lamp bezel (edge of grille), '79 Chevy Caprice, £10.00

477878  Switch, £50.00

480843  Upper dipstick tube '75 Pontiac Firebird 400 with AC, '78 full-size Oldsmobiles

                and Buicks with 400       

484167  Bird decal for nose, black outline with white centre, '70-72 TransAm, £25.00

491030  Coolant recovery tank, '73- early '76 Pontiac Firebird and TransAm, £60.00

498800  Wheel cover, '78-87 Pontiac Grand Prix with steel wheels, '82-86 Bonneville with

                standard wheels, £30.00

525098  "Pontiac" decals, medium brown, for front or deck lid spoiler, '76-78 Pontiac

               Firebird or TransAm, £12.00

526037  RH headlamp bezel, '77 Pontiac Bonneville, £40.00

526829 repro  RH rear wheel opening forward spoiler, urethane, '70-78 Pontiac

                 Firebired and TransAm, £60.00

536142  Tinted rear screen, '59-60 Chevy Bel Air and Impala two-door hardtops,

                £125.00, two in stock

541068   LH twin-headlamp bezel, '62 Pontiac Bonneville, Catalina and Grand Prix,

                £50.00, two in stock

547499  Front end decal, Germanic-style "Trans Am" in black, dark gold and matt gold,

               '76-77 Pontiac TransAm, £10.00

549290  LH front grille stripe decal, gold, '78 Pontiac TransAm, £16.00

554977  Front side marker lamp bezel, either side, '77 Olds Delta 88 and 98 Royale

                two and four-door sedans, '78-79 Cutlass Supreme, Salon and station wagon

                and '80 Cutlass Supreme excluding with cornering lamps, £10.00

559577  Crankcase vent pipe, '78-82 Cadillac Seville, '79-82 De Ville, Eldorado and

                Fleetwood, '78-82 Oldsmobile Cutlass, Toronado, 88 and 98, £12.00

910555  Stop and turn signal (red) lamp, either side, with five-inch diameter circular

                lens part numbered 5952675, '60-64 Chevy 10, 20 and 30 Stepside pickups,

                £30.00, three in stock

911045  Amber front marker lamp with bezel, either side, '69 Chevrolet Corvette,

                Chevy II, Nova, Impala and Corvair, £20.00

911724  Amber RH front side marker lamp, '73-77 Chevy Chevelle and El Camino, £20

912396  RH park / turn signal lamp, '75-76 Chevy Caprice, £30.00

913139  Park lamp, either side, '77 Pontiac Grand Prix, £30.00

913523  LH park lamp, '77-79 Cadillac Seville, £50.00

914379  LH front amber marker lamp, '80 and first design '81 Buick Electra (Has raised

                chrome trim), £20.00

914549  LH park and turn signal lamp, 80-89 Chevy Caprice and Impala, '83-89 Pontiac

              Parisienne and Safari, £35.00, two in stock

914621?  LH park / turn signal lamp, probably '80-82 RWD Cadillac Deville and

                  Fleetwood and Fleetwood Brougham, £30.00

915902  RH rear marker lamp, red, '82-84 Pontiac Phoenix, £15.00

916813  Amber front marker lamp, either side, '69 Chevy Chevelle and El Camino, £10

917908  RH park / turn signal lamp, amber, Euro export spec (option ZK3), '82-84

                Chevy Camaro, two in stock

918411  High-level brake light assembly, '84-90 Corvette coupe, '91-95 ZR-1, £90.00

995195  Door mirror head, either side, '71-74 Chevy pickups, £20.00

1155103  Front bumper guard cushion, black rubber with threaded metal bolts,

                  '78-91 Chevy and GMC full size vans, £25.00

1253890  Simulated woodgrain plate around clock and AC switch on right of

                  dashboard, '77-79 Buick LeSabre and Electra and '78 Regal, £20.00

1259128  RH exhaust manifold, '75-77 Buick Skyhawk and '78 without electronic-control

                  carburetor, all with 231 V6, £40.00

1261847  Front panel LH outer bracket, '80-81 Buick Skylark, £6.00

1264986  RH headlamp bezel, chrome, '78-79 Buick Century, £20.00

1389436  Ring and pinion set; 3.36:1, consists of 1193713 crown wheel, 1193712H pinion  gear, 1195497 pinion seal and correct gear oil, '61-63 Buick Skylark and Special, Olds F85, Cutlass and Jetfire, £95.00

1607498  Coolant recovery tank, '76-79 Cadillan Seville, excluding with 350N diesel, £25.00

1613434  Cadillac crest wheel centre emblem, maroon background, '77-79 DeVille and

                  Fleetwood Brougham with de-luxe wheel cover, £30.00

1616941  Front bumper full-width pad, black with white stripe, '76-79 Cadillac Seville,

                  £49.00, buyer collects 

1617627  Cruise switch, £40.00        

1617920  LH front wheel opening moulding, '80-89 RWD Cadillac Coupe and Sedan

                  DeVille, Fleetwood and Fleetwood Brougham, unpackaged, £59.00

1617921  RH front wheel opening moulding, '80-89 RWD Cadillac Coupe and Sedan DeVille, Fleetwood and Fleetwood Brougham, £59.00

1627293  Windshield washer cap, '82-84 Buick Riviera, RWD Electra and Estate Wagon,

                  all with low fluid indicator, £6.00

1630369  Headlamp-to-grille filler lower retainer, '80-81 Cadillac Seville £10.00

1668449  Sunroof weatherstrip, '75-76 Chevy Chevelle and Pontiac Le Mans

                  two-doors, £20.00

1680401 repro (Sherman 697-03R)  RH outer rocker panel, '70-81 Chevy Camaro,

                 £90.00, buyer collects

1686875  Fuel door decal, "Unleaded fuel only," GM vehicles '76-81, £3.00, five in stock

1699152  LH front door weatherstrip, '76-79 Cadillac Seville, £40.00

1713517  LH rear door stationery vent glass, tinted, '77-79 RWD Cadillac Sedan

                  DeVille and Brougham, £50.00

1717526  Trunk weatherstrip, pinch weld type, (can use for 20111565, 20469449 and

                  20490800), virtually all '77-83 GM fullsize models, '78-83 Pontiac Grand Prix

                  and most Olds Cutlasses, '79-81 Buick Riviera, '79-83 Cadillac Eldorado and

                  Olds Toronado, 77-83 Olds Omega excluding hatchback, £40.00

2027631   repro LH front window regulator, power, '82-94 Buick Skyhawk, Cadillac Cimmaron, Chevy Cavalier sedan, Olds Firenza, Pontiac Sunbird, £120.00

3135316 (superceded by 12329550) (Spectra Premium CU1)  Engine radiator, '63-72

                  Chevrolet Corvette with small-block V8, £350.00

3151016  Coolant recovery tank (Eckler's equivalent number A2364), '61-62 Chevrolet

                  Corvette, £120.00

3633862  Hood moulding, front, '74 Cadillac Fleetwood, Deville and Calais, £50.00,

                  buyer collects

3634055  Front fender protect moulding, white, rearward of wheel opening, either

                  side, '76-79 Cadillac Seville, £30.00

3634494  Front fender side protect moulding (either side), with Dark Brown Metallic

                  vinyl insert, '79 Cadillac Seville, £35.00

3739313 repro (Eckler's A8105L)  Front bumper LH inner brace, '58-62 Corvette, £20.00

3757725  LH vent glass handle, '60-67 Chevy 10, 20 and 30 pickups, '61-65 Chevy

                  Corvair and Greenbrier forward control van, £10.00, four in stock

3840039  Blower switch, £40.00           

3853115  LH "eyebrow" moulding, rear of rear quarter panel, '65 Chevy Impala, excluding SS, £40.00                         3885180 repro (Classic Headquarters W-566) Dashboard "Astro" vent retainers, with screws, '66-69 Chevy Chevelle,67-68 Camaro, '67-69 Pontiac Firebird, £6.00 pair   

3890141 repro (Grote 261) Amber roof marker light lenses, '67-72 Chevy and GMC 10, 20 & 30 pickups, £10.00 the pair 


3905776  Heater fan wheel, '63-71 Chevrolet Corvette, '67-70 Chevy passenger (all) '71  Chevy full-size passenger, Chevelle and Nova (all with AC), '74 Chevy Vega excluding AC, '64-67 Olds (all), '68-72 (early) Olds (all excluding AC), '76 BuickLeSabre, Electra 225,  Riviera and Estate Wagon (all excluding with AC), £12.00


3916660  repro (OER Original Equipment) "Camaro" fender emblem, '68-69 Camaro, £12.00 3923626  Trim ring, '69-82 Chevrolet Corvette with Rally wheels, exc aluminium, £45.00 3925805  Rally wheel centre cap (casting number 552504), '68-on Chevy Camaro and Corvette, £35.00     

3930827 1968-81 Corvette Transmission Slip Yoke 32 Spline , £175.00


3932968  Lock plate, front of Y37 option roof panels (one of four on car), '68-76 Chevrolet Corvette, £6.00     

3935667  Moulding, front of LH lift-off roof panel, '68-76 Chevrolet Corvette, £30.00

3935668  Moulding, front of RH lift-off roof panel, '68-76 Chevrolet Corvette, £30.00

3936809  Door glass forward channel, with chrome bead, either side, '67-72 Chevy

                  and GMC pickups, £40.00         

3945216  Windshield wiper bolt, Chevrolet Corvette '68-72, £3.00, four used on car,

                  two in stock

3956109  Engine cooling fan shroud, '69-71 Chevrolet Corvette with 350 small block,

                  with air conditioning (some specification exclusions -- check part number

               is stamped into old unit), £130.00

3956118  Engine cooling fan shroud extension, '69-72 Chevrolet Corvette with 350

                  small block, £25.00

3961412  10-bolt ring and pinion set, 3.36:1, 71-72- Chevy Chevelle, Nova and El Camino,

                  and GMC Sprint, £75.00

3962943  LH headlamp bezel, '70-73 Chevy Camaro, £40.00

3965973  LH headlamp bezel, '70 Chevy Chevelle, £20.00

3991014  RH front wheel opening moulding, '71 Chevy Bel Air, Biscayne, Impala, Caprice, excluding Kingswood 

                  station wagon, £49.00

4229522  Rear quarter panel upper moulding (either side), believed to be '67-68

                  Cadillac Calais and Sedan DeVille, £160.00, two in stock, buyer collects

4437508  LH front door glass channel assembly, '61-64 Chevy full-size sport coupe,

                  '61-63 Olds Starfire, '62 Olds F85, '64 Olds Delta 88, £39.00

4495180  Tailgate handle, inside latch, '73-77 Chevy Blazer, GMC Jimmy and C and K

                  Chevy and GMS pickups, £35.00

5659046  Tachometer, '77 Chevrolet Corvette with 350 4bbl, excluding Hi-Po, £30.00

5931050  RH rear combination lamp bezel (casting number 5931058), '80-90 Chevy

                  Impala, Caprice and Estate station wagons (Note: On '84-85 models there

                  were 1st and 2nd design lenses and bezels. This 1st design bezel is used

                  with lense 5961068, which has a 10.6 x 3.8cm back lense area), £36.00

5941436  Rear combination lamp bezel, either side, '74 Olds Cutlass Supreme, £30.00

5947725  LH park and turn signal lamp lense, '78-80 Chevy Blazer with round

                 headlamps and without chrome park lamp bezel, '78-only Chevy and GMC

                 10, 20 and 30 pickups and Suburbans without chrome park lamp bezel, 

                 '79-80 Chevy and GMC 10, 20 and 30 pickups and Suburbans with round

                 headlamps, £15.00, two in stock

5947726  RH park and turn signal lamp lense, as above, £15.00, two in stock

5952764  Clear park lamp lense, either side, '60-66 Chevy C10, 20 and 30 pickups,

                  £10.00, two in stock

5954154  Amber park lamp lenses, either side, '63-66 Chevy G10 van excluding DD

                  coachbuilt-bodied versions, £10.00 the pair

5954176  Amber park lamp lense, either side, '60-66 Chevy C10, 20, 30 pickups, £10.00

5957753  Stop and tail lamp lense, either side, '65-66 Pontiac Catalina, Starchief and

                  Stratochief, excluding wagons, £35.00

5958775  Park lamp lens, either side, '67 Camaro excluding RS model, £8.00

5961048  Rear combination lamp lense, either side, with 5960986 RH housing and

                  58961092 RH bezel, '69 Pontiac Tempest, Le Mans and GTO, £195.00

5961186  RH rear combination lamp lense, '69 Biscayne and Bel Air, excluding

                  station wagons, £25.00

5961733  Backup lamp lense, either side, '69 Chevrolet Biscayne, Bel Air and Impala

                  station wagons, £15.00

5963330  RH stop and tail lamp inner, lower, lense, '71-72 Olds F85 excluding Vista

                  Cruiser and station wagon, £25.00

5963998  RH rear combination lamp lense, '71-72 Buick Electra, excluding wagon,


5965930  Amber park and turn signal lamp housing and lense, either side, '72-73

                  Pontiac Firebird and Trans Am, £30.00

5966080  LH outer headlamp mounting "bucket," '75-92 GM vehicles with quad

                  rectangular lights, £15.00

5966081  RH outer headlamp mounting "bucket," '75-92 GM vehicles with quad

                  rectangular  lights, £15.00

5966082  LH inner headlamp mounting "bucket," '75-92 GM vehicles with quad

                  rectangular lights, £15.00

5966083  RH inner headlamp mounting "bucket," '75-92 GM vehicles with quad

                  rectangular lights, £15.00         

5965748  Rear combination lamp gasket, either side, '78-86 Chevy and GMC full-size

                  pickups, '78-91 C and K Chevy Blazer and GMC Jimmy, R and V Chevy and

                  GMC Suburbans, £6.00

5967369  LH rear side marker clear inner reflex lense, inboard segment of

                  combination lamp, '76-79 Cadillac Seville, £8.00

5967371  LH rear clear inner reflex lense, outboard segment of combination lamp,

                  '76-79 Cadillac Seville, £8.00

5967372  RH rear clear inner reflex lense, outboard segment of combination lamp,

                  '76-79 Cadillac Seville, £8.0o, two in stock

5967743  LH rear combination lamp lens and housing, '77-79 Chevy Impala and

                  Caprice station wagons, £80.00

5969045  LH rear combination lamp bezel, '78 Chevy Caprice excluding wagon,

                  £35.00, two in stock

5970202  RH stop and tail lamp lense, '79 Chevy Caprice excluding wagon, £45.00

5974301  LH front amber side marker, 84-88 Pontiac Fiero GT, '87-88 Fiero (standard),

                  very slightly marked, £15.00

5974337  repro  LH park / turn signal lamp, '92-00 Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon

                  (excluding with Deneli package), with sealed beam headlamps, £25.00

5974338  repro  RH park / turn signal lamp, as above, £25.00

5975052  RH park / turn signal lamp, '89-93 FWD Cadillac Deville and Fleetwood, £30.00

5975345  LH park / turn signal lamp, '90-93 Pontiac Trans Sport, £30.00

5975346  RH park / turn signal lamp, as above, £30.00

5977945  LH rear combination lamp assembly, '85-96 Chevy and GMC full-size vans,


5978476  RH front amber side marker lamp, '95-01 Chevy Lumina two-door, £25.00

6271903  LH front door vent glass front weatherstrip, '73-80 Chevy and GMC pickups,

                  Chevy Blazer, GMC Jimmy and Chevy and GMC Suburbans, £25.00

6271905  LH front door vent glass rear weatherstrip, '73-80 Chevy and GMC pickups,

                  Chevy Blazer, GMC Jimmy and Chevy and GMC Suburbans, £15.00

6271906  RH front door vent glass rear weatherstrip, '73-80 Chevy and GMC pickups,

                  Chevy Blazer, GMC Jimmy and Chevy  and GMC Suburbans, £15.00

6431506  Fuel gauge, '70-74 Chevy Camaro, £25.006474580  Voltmeter, '80-81 Chevy Malibu, Monte Carlo and El Camino, £15.00, two in stock                               


7719476 & 7 repro (SoffSeal W3010)  Door weatherstrips, '68-69 Chevy Camaro and

                       Pontiac Firebird, £45.00 the pair,

7725488 & 9 repro (SoffSeal W3002)  Roof side rail weatherstrips, '67 Chevy Camaro

                         and Pontiac Firebird, £40.00 the pair

7726034   Upper windshield reveal moulding, '68-72 Chevy Chevelle and Pontiac

                   LeMans, GTO and Tempest, all two-doors excluding convertibles, £20.00

8704038  LH rear wheel opening moulding, '78-81 Pontiac Firebird, £31.00

8705649  Centre door moulding with black vinyl insert, either side, '73-74 Chevy

                  Camaro, £40.00, buyer collects

8989239  Speedometer head, '77-79 Chevrolet Impala and Caprice with gauges, £30.00

9605610  RH roof drip moulding, plastic, without hatch roof, '78-81 Chevy Camaro,

                  and Pontiac Firebird, £25.00

9605611  LH roof drip moulding, as above, £25.00 or £40.00 the pair

9616360   (NAGS TD4650) RH front tinted door glass, '71-76 Buick Electra four-door

                   hardtop, '71-76 Cadillac Calais and Deville, '71-76 Olds 98 four-door

                   hardtop, £58.00, buyer collects

9633936  Rear of LH rear wheel opening moulding, incorporating rubber splash

                  shield, '76-79 Cadillac Seville, packaging disintegrating and two rivets need

                  replacement, hence £9.90  Note: Early '76 models had no splash shield

9634296  Front door upper moulding, either side, with Silver Blue Firemist vinyl

                  insert, '77 Cadillac Seville £25.00                                              

9634309  Lower moulding, forward of RH rear wheel opening, '75-78 Cadillac

                  Eldorado, £29.00

9634359  RH door lower moulding, '73-78 Cadillac Eldorado, £69.00, buyer collects

9636357  Front door side protect moulding (either side), with Dark Brown Metallic

                  vinyl insert, '79 Cadillac Seville, £48.00

9636370  Rear door side protect moulding (either side), with Dark Brown Metallic

                  vinyl insert, '79 Cadillac Seville, £44.00

9636408  RH rear wheel opening moulding, '79-80 Chevy Monte Carlo with wide

                  lower mouldings, £39.00                                                                                         

9637504   LH rear wheel opening moulding, '80-92 Cadillac RWD Coupe and Sedan

                   deVille, Fleetwood and Fleetwood Brougham, £59.00

9637505  RH rear wheel opening moulding (as above), £59.00

9793979  Blower resistor, £40.00

9796459  Ashtray, centre console, '69-72 Pontiac Bonneville and Grand Prix, £15.00

9796577  LH outer headlamp bezel, '69 Pontiac Firebird, £80.00

9824405  (NAGS TD4641)  LH rear door glass, tinted, '73-76 Pontiac Catalina Safari

                  and  Grand Safari wagons, £120.00, buyer collects

9828344  LH door moulding, outer at belt, '73-77 Chevy Camaro, £50.00

9834744  RH outside door handle, '70-76 Olds Toronado, '71-73 Buick Riviera, £20.00

9866688  RH door edge guard, '71-81 Pontiac Firebird and TransAm, £22.00

9866689  LH door edge guard, '71-81 Pontiac Firebird and TransAm, £22.00

10003737  "Trans Am" rear spoiler decal in three shades of blue with gold, including small

                    "Pontiac" lettering (separate part number 525097), £28.00

10005236  Headlamp bezel, either side, black finish, '79-81 Pontiac Firebird, £20.00

10006809  Lower front spoiler, paint to match, '79-81 Pontiac Firebird and TransAm,


10006866 repro in glass fibre (Pro Stock Glass)  LH front wheel opening forward

                    spoiler, '79-81 Pontiac Firebird and TransAm, £35.00

10013565  Pair of "Turbo 4.9" decals in shades of argent/grey with red, fit either side of

                     shaker hood scoop, '80-81 Pontiac TransAm, £40.00

10048701  LH front fender, '81-88 Chevy Monte Carlo, exc LS, £95.00, buyer collects

10122482  RH bumper to headlamp moulding, '90-93 Pontiac Trans Sport, £30.00

10122483  LH bumper to headlamp moulding, '90-93 Pontiac Trans Sport, £30.00

10157356  RH front turn indicator bezel, '90-93 Pontiac Trans Sport, £15.00

10157357  LH front turn indicator bezel, as above £15.00

10159253  Front bumper valance panel, '90-92 Pontiac Trans Sport, £28.00, buyer


10165500  T-top side rail weatherstrip, either side, '82-92 Chevy Camaro and Pontiac

                    Firebird, £20.00

10168101  Front bumper cover, paint to match, '90-93 Pontiac Trans Sport, £150.00,

                    buyer collects

10174810  Seat adjustment switch, £100.00

10254133  (replaced by 22570094)  "Grand" self-adhesive chrome front-door emblem,

                    '90-96 Pontiac Grand Prix, £15.00

10254134  "Prix"self-adhesive chrome front-door emblem, '90-96 Pontiac GrandPrix, £15.00 10255306  Tailgate / side loading door inside handle, '90-96 base model Chevy Lumina,

                    Pontiac TransSport and Olds Silhouette, £26.00

10276497  LH front fender rear wheelhouse panel, '88-96 Chevrolet Corvette

                    standard model and '89 Corvette ZR-1, £75.00

12335676, RH rear bumper moulding, '06-'09 H2, £95.00

12335953 Tail lamp harness, '03-'07 H2, £35.00

12335954 as above, £35.00

12383120  Front bumper impact bar RH extension, '94-04 Chevy S10 and Sonoma

                    pickups with RPO code YC5 body side mouldings, £45.00

12505344  RH front fender, '85-90 Pontiac Firebird, '91-92 Firebird and TransAm,

                    £250.00, buyer collects

12546163  Radiator support panel, '92-95 Chevy and GMC G10 and G20 vans, '92-96 G30

                   vans --- all dual headlamp models only, for some reason! £150.00, buyer collects

14011819  LH outside door handle, '69-82 Chevrolet Corvette, £29.00

14011819   repro (Eckler's) LH outside door handle, '69-82 Corvette, £24.00

14012934  RH headlamp housing, '77-78 Chevy Impala, £30.00

14013659  Rear bumper rubber insert strip, '80-85 Chevy Impala and Caprice wagon,

                    '80-83 Olds Custom Cruiser wagon, £105.00

14021589  LH rear quarter moulding with black insert, '81-96 Chevy G-series and

                    GMC Rally and Vandura G-series vans, £16.00

14028585  Engine cooling shroud for use with electric fan, '79-80 Chevrolet Corvette,

                    excluding L-82, '80 with 305, '81-82 all, and can be used on '79-80 L-82 models

                     by transferring "trapdoor" hardware, £195.00

14037585  Coolant recovery tank, '78-83 Chevy and GMC G-vans with 250 six or 305, 350

                     or 400 small-block V8s (check same part number is on old unit), £35.00

14043704  Door pull strap cover, either side, '81-91 Chevy and GMC C and K pickups,

                    Chevy Blazer and GMC Jimmy C and K models, Chevy and GMC

                    Suburbans (front doors only), £8.50

14047138  Module, 99.00

14047526  Ashtray cover, paint to  match, '84-89 Chevrolet Corvette, £20.00 

14048328  Five-spoke 14x6.5-inch aluminium wheel (casting number 14026818) with

                    centre cap, '82-85 Chevy Citation, £80.00

14064291  LH front fender inner skirt, '82-92 Chevy Camaro, £45.00

14065897  Composite front leaf spring, '85 and later Chevrolet Corvette, excluding

              heavy-duty suspension, £200.00

14065899  Composite rear leaf spring, '88-96 Chevrolet Corvette, excluding heavy-duty

                     suspension, £200.00

14066043  LH headlamp bezel, without chrome strip, '85-94 Chevy Astrovan and GMC

                    Safari, £16.00

14067520  Red tailgate marker lamp, either side, '82(second design)-'94 Chevy and

                    GMC pickups with dual rear wheels, £12.00, two in stock                   

14101292  repro  Front bumper cover, paint to match, '91-92 Buick Regal Custom

                    sedan, front-wheel drive, £190.00, buyer collects

15053983  Rear wiper motor, '95-05 Chevy Blazer, GMC Jimmy and Envoy, Oldsmobile

                    Bravada, £190.00

15200596 (BCG-042) aftermarket body side moulding, '03-'07 GMC Sierra, £80.00

15224278 repro  RH rear lamp assembly, '00-03 Chevy Tahoe, Chevy and GMC

                     Suburbans, GMC Yukon, £75.00

15531514  Coolant recovery tank, '85-91 Chevy and GMC full-size pickups, Blazer/Jimmy

                     and Suburbans, £30.00

15537617   Muffler, '84-'87 S10 Blazer,GMC S15 Jimmy L4 engine, V6 2.8 engine, £45.00

                     buyer collect

15596116 repro  RH headlamp bezel, silver, '83-91 Chevy and GMC full-size vans

                     with chrome grille and single rectangular lights, £50.00

15598708  Cowl grille panel, '78-91 Chevy C and K pickups, Chevy C and K Blazer

                    and GMC Jimmy, Chevrolet and GMC Suburbans, £40.00, buyer collects

15600236  RH headlamp bezel support, '83-91 Chevy and GMC full-size vans with

                    single rectangular lights, £20.00

15617125  (Old number 12300199)  LH front door vent glass handle and fitting kit,

                    '71-75 and '80-93 Chevy and GMC vans, '80-89 Chevy and GMC C and K

                    pickups, '80-84 Chevy Blazer and GMC Jimmy C and K models, '78-91

                    Chevy and GMC Suburbans, £28.00

15628281  LH body side panel, '83-94 two-door Chevy S10 pickup, S15 Blazer, GMC

                    Jimmy and Syclone, and Olds Bravada, £350.00, buyer collects

15629965  Front bumper impact strip, grey, '91-92 Chevy S10 pickup and S15 Blazer,

                    GMC S10 pickup and S15 Jimmy, '91-93 GMC Sonoma, excluding GT,

                    £69.00, buyer collects

15642573  repro (K-source / Automan 3651) LH chrome below-eyeline door mirror,

                    6-3/4x5-3/8 inches, '82-93 Chevy S10 pickup, GMC S15, Sonoma and Syclone

                    pickups, '83-94 Chevy S10 Blazer, GMC S15 Jimmy and Typhoon, Oldsmobile

                    Bravada, £60.00, two in stock

15642574  repro (K-source / Automan 3652) RH chrome below-eyeline door mirror,

                    as above, £60.00, two in stock

15659189  Chrome grille, '91-93 GMC S15 and Sonoma pickup, S15 Jimmy and

                    Syclone, £120.00, buyer collects

15677199  LH chrome power door mirror, '92-96 Chevy and GMC full-size vans, £150.00

15697331  repro (K-source / Automan 3691) LH stainless-steel below-eyeline door mirror,

                    9-1/2x6-5/8 inches, '92-00 Cadillac Escalade, Chevy Blazer and Tahoe and GMC

                    Yukon, '92-99 Chevy and GMC Suburban, £60.00, two in stock

15744371 (BCG-040) aftermarket front door moulding, GMC Sierra, £80.00

15836560 Vapor Canister , £220.00

16011826  Heater and air conditioning controller / programmer, '80 Cadillac Eldorado and  Fleetwood, £35.00

16016473  Heater programmer  '84-85 Olds Delta 88 5-litre and 5.7 diesel, '84 Olds 98 5-litre 

                    and 5.7 diesel, '87 Olds 98 3.8 V6, '87-90 Olds Cusytom Cruiser 5-litre, £40.00       

16508562  RH headlamp lens and housing, '89-90 Cadillac FWD Deville, Fleetwood

                    and Brougham, £120.00

16509625  Rear combination lamp lense, inner or outer, either side, '89-96 Chevrolet

                    Corvette with square lamps, £30.00

16519986  Licence lamp, '88-89 Buick Skyhawk coupe & wagon, '97-08 Corvette, £12.00

16604428  Rear compartment strut / suppport, '82-92 Chevy Camaro and Pontiac Firebird

                    and T/A -- all with spoiler and electric defog options (check same part number

                    appears on old unit), £55.00 (two in stock)

16793920  Seat recliner, '97-99 Deville, £99.00

16793921  seat recliner, as above

17087139  (AC Delco 214-102)  Air injectionvalve, '85-91 Chevy G10, 20 and 30 vans,

                    GMC G15, 25, 35, 1500, 2500 and 3500 vans, all with 305 V8, £55.00

17983971  Black leather steering wheel (not air bag type), '86-89 Chevrolet Corvette,

                    (Discontinued in 2005 at $648!), £195.00

19131214   (AC delco 15-80666) heater blower motor including fan, £120.00

20005475  Trunk lid automatic pull-down solenoid, '77 Buick LeSabre and Riviera, '76-79

                     Cadillac Seville, '77 Fleetwood Brougham and DeVille, '77 Chevy Impala and

                     Caprice, £35.00 (two in stock)

20013679  Dome light lense, dozens of '70s and '80s GM vehicles, including '77-81 Chevy

                     Camaro and Chevelle, Pontiac Firebird, Trans Am, GTO and Le Mans, £10.00

20057617  Seat adjustment track cover, inboard, either side, paint to match, '78-81 Chevy

                    Celebrity excluding with six-way seat, £5.00

20057618  RH seat adjustment track cover, outer, paint to match, '78-81 Chevy Celebrity

                    excluding with six-way seat, £5.00

20067166  RH door lock/latch assembly, '78-82 Chevrolet Corvette, £90.00

20069072  Rear bumper filler, RH tail lamp to end panel, '76-79 Cadillac Seville, £10.00

20069073  Rear bumper filler, LH tail lamp to end panel, '76-79 Cadillac Seville, £10.00

20096518  (Old number 20050592) RH remote control door mirror, chrome, '76-79 Cadillac

                    Seville, £60.00

20096569  LH chrome remote door mirror, '77-79 Chevy Caprice and Impala, £80.00

20123184  RH door power window regulator, '79-83 Chevy Malibu two door, '79 Chevy

                    El Camino and GMC Caballero, '79-87 Pontiac Grand Prix, '79-88 Chevy

                    Monte Carlo, '82-87 Buick Regal two-door base model, '82-88 Olds Cutlass

                    Salon, Supreme and Calais coupes, £90.00

20125618  T-top side rail weatherstrip, either side, '78-81 Chevy Camaro and Pontiac

                     Firebird, two in stock, £30.00 each or £50.00 the pair

20131840  (Old number 3085027) RH remote sport mirror, paint to match, '78-81 Buick

                     Century, '79 Riviera, '78-83 Chevy Malibu excluding with two-tone paint,

                     '78-85 Monte Carlo, '78-87 El Camino and GMC Caballero, '80-82 Olds

                     Toronado,  £80.00 

20162930  Astro sunroof housing weatherstrip (not the glass weatherstrip), '78-83

                    Chevy Malibu excluding with full vinyl roof, '78-88 Olds Cutlass Salon,

                    4-4-2 and wagon excluding w/full vinyl roof, '80-85 Cadillac Seville, £41.00

20195556  RH interior trim panel, centre pillar, shrouding seat belt, dark blue or

                    paint to match, '77-81 four-door Cadillac, £10.00

20207871  RH door mirror glass, '79-82 Buick Electra, '80-85 LaSabre, Riviera and Estate 

                    Wagon, all with chrome electric mirror, £10.00

20226460  RH quarter window glass, green tint, '81 Chevy Monte Carlo with vinyl

                    roof, £30.00, buyer collects

20264750 (NAGS V6314GTN)  LH front door vent glass, '81-91 C and K Chevy Blazer

                    and Jimmy, £40.00

20276321 repro  LH front door power window regulator, '82-94 Chevy Cavalier sedan and

                    wagon, Pontiac Sunbird sedan and wagon, '82-88 Cadillac Cimarron and Olds

                    Firenza four-door, '82-89 Buick Skyhawk four-door, £85.00

20392771  Electronic timer module for illuminated (lock cylinder) key entry, '81 Cadillac

                     Seville, though may well fit other models (check # on old module), £20.00

20400507  LH quarter panel belt moulding, '80-84 rear-wheel-drive Cadillac Fleetwood

                    Brougham, £30.00

20685326  RH headlamp bezel, '90-92 Cadillac Brougham, rear-wheel drive, £84.00

22035575  Engine fan (electric type), '82-90 Chevy Celebrity with AC or heavy- duty

                    cooling, £20.00

22039688  Wiper motor crank arm, '84-91 Buick Century and Regal, £6.00

25015885  Speedo head, '77-78 Cadillac Seville and Eldorado excluding digital dash, £20.00

25025164  (Replaced by 16137859) Oil pressure gauge, '78 and first-design '79 Chevy

                    Blazer and GMC Jimmy, Chevy and GMC Suburbans, Chevry and GMC 10,20

                    and 30 pickups, £20.00

25030983  Servo kit , £150.00

25044528  MPH / kilometer speedo head, less pointer, '81-82 Chevy Caprice and Impala

                    with export  gauges (U18 option code), £10.00

25047702  Cluster of  four gauges (fuel, volts, temp and oil pressure), '78-86 Chevy Monte

                    Carlo, Malibu and El Camino         

25098232  Air cleaner assemby, including filter, '88-92 Pontiac Firebird with TPI, £120.00

25500236  RH headlamp bezel, paint to match, '80-85 Buick Skylark, £20.00

52480034  repro (TYC 4721) air conditioning condenser, '96-99 Chevy C and K1500 and

                    2500 Suburbans and GMC Yukon, '99-00 Cadillac Escalade and Chevy Tahoe

                    (fits ALL engines), inlet and outlet pipes slightly bent in transit, but whole unit  usable, £50.00

88895190  (Also lists as 10280286)  repro gloss black RH power door mirror, non-heated,

                    '90-96 Buick Regal coupe, '91-96 Regal sedan, '90-96 Pontiac Grand Prix coupe

                    and sedan, £50.00

88896759 (Also lists as 10280287) repro gloss black LH power door mirror, no-heated,

                   '90-96 Buick Regal coupe, '91-96 Regal sedan, '90-96 Pontiac Grand Prix coupe

                   and sedan, £50.00

88981018  repro LH front door window motor, '99-07 "new-style" Chevy and GMC

                    full-size pickups, '00-06 Chevy Tahoe, GMC Yukon and Denali, Chevy and

                    GMC Suburbans and Cadillac Escalade, £70.00                                             

88992489  Seat adjust motor, either side, '98-04 Cadillac Concours, D' Elegance, Deville,  Fleetwood and Seville, '00-05 Pontiac Bonneville, '01-03 Olds Aurora, £25.00




Brand unknown (possibly Clifford) Header-type exhaust manifold for 199-232-258 six-cyl

engines, including downpipe flange and packing gasket (Not correct downpipe angle for

CJ models, but suitable for a rod or may be correct for Cherokee / Wagoneer), £50.00

Brand unknown  Heater matrix, no part number found but seems dimensionally perfect for '72-77 Cherokee, Wagoneer and Commanche, £35.00

Britax / PMG 10145-01 Park / turn signal clear and amber lens, either side, '75-83 UK-spec right-hand-drive Cherokee and J10, 20 and 30 pickups and '79-83 RHD Wagoneer, £20.00

Cardone 27-6534  Rebuilt power steering box / gear, '80-86 LHD CJ5, 6 and 7, £290.00

Kentrol 30401 (new nuber 13004.10X)  Stainless steel hood latch kit, fits all MB, CJ and Wrangler models from '42 to date, £20.00

981720  Rear marker lamp mounting, '68-74 Cherokee, front fender side marker lamp

                mounting, 69-74 Cherokee, Wagoneer and J-series pickups, £10.00

3197003  Heater control valve, '59-83 all CJs, '66-73 Commando, '59-68 Dispatchers,

                  '74-83 Cherokee, all with six-cylinder engine, £20.00

3242203  LH rear brake cable, '81-86 LHD CJ7 and CJ8 Scrambler, or RH rear of RHD

                 models, £25.00

4399791  Red rear bumper reflector, either side, Euro-spec, '94-98 Grand Cherokee,

                  '02-05 Liberty, £10.00

4720380  (Cardone 66-3221) RH front driveshaft (with CV-design axle) '93-98 Grand

                  Cherokee, £110.00

4720381  (Cardone 66-3220) LH front driveshaft (with CV-design axle) '93-98 Grand

                   Cherokee, £110.00

4798914AC  RH front door latch, '00-01 Cherokee, £40.00, two in stock

4798915AC  LH front door latch, '00-01 Cherokee, £40.00

5016145AB  RH front seat (with memory) wiring loom, '01 Grand Cherokee (and probably

                       other years), £25.00

5354752  Cover for 15-inch weels, '68-86 CJ and Scrambler, '76-83 Wagoneer and J10 and

                  20 pickups without locking hubs, £50.00

5450305  Stop / tail rear lamp assembly with five-inch circular lens, either side of

                  unknown-vintage model, probably an early Universal, £25.00

5460107  LH park lamp, amber, '75-78 Cherokee and J10, 20 and 40 pickups with triple

                  wire connector,  all '79-83 Cherokee, Wagoneer and pickups, '79-91 Grand

                  Wagoneer, £30.00

5462322  LH front fender centre moulding, '70-83 J-series pickups, £30.00,

                  buyer collects

5465861  RH tan interior door trim, '68-79 (and probably later) CJ5, 6 and 7 with full

                  doors, £20.00, two in stock

5465862  LH tan intetior door trim, as above, two in stock also

5550237 (Leon Rosser replacement)  King bolt set, both sides, '71-75 DJ5 Despatcher with

                 Clark axle (RHD Postal Service vehicle), £65.00

5751929  Tailgate glass regulator handle, '81-83 Cherokee and Wagoneer, '84-90 Grand

                  Wagoneer, £65.00 

8129642  Rear lamp lens and gasket, US-spec, either side, '70-85 CJ, £20.00

8134377  LH front vent glass assembly with frame, weatherseals and clear glass,

                  '78-83 Cherokee, Wagoneer and J-series pickup, £150.00, buyer collects

55007316  RH front fender flare rearward extension, black or paint to match, '87-95

                    Wrangler, £18.00

55007317  LH front fender flare rearward extension, black or paint to match, '87-95

                    Wrangler, £18.00

55018684  "4X4" emblem, gold, '84-96 Cherokee and Wagoneer, £20.00, two in stock

55022220  Chrome base for exterior tailgate glass switch, '75-83 Cherokee and Wagoneer,


55029245  LH rear bumper end cap, black or paint to match, with holes for spare tyre

                    carrier mounting, '84-96 Cherokee XJ, Wagoneer XJ, £20.00

55054930  RH headlamp bezel, flat black, '93 Cherokee and Wagoneer with single

                    lights, £20.00

55075432  RH electric foldaway mirror, black, '84-90 and '94-96 LHD Cherokee XJ and

                    Wagoneer, '89-90 LHD Commanche pickup, £60.00

55135168  Front door weatherstrip, outer at belt, '93-98 Grand Cherokee, £30.00

55154755  Windshield washer reservoir, '84-93 Cherokee and Wagoneer with rear washers

                     (dual pumps), £20.00

55176577AB  (replaces 55176577) Quarter window soft plastic moulding, either side, '97-'06 Wrangler, £20.00

55196839AA  Black cargo net, '94-02 Grand Cherokee, £35.00                       

55296055  LH quarter panel, '93-98 Grand Cherokee, £120.00, buyer collects

56000099 repro  LH park / turn signal lamp, clear, '84-96 Cherokee and Wagoneer, £20.00

56000699  Windshield washer reservoir cap, '84-91 Cherokee and Wagoneer, £6.00

56003100  Euro-spec amber rear side marker lamp, either side, '87-95 Wrangler, £20.00

5BL63KW7 repro  LH headlamp bezel, black (or paint to match), '91-96 Cherokee, £38.00

5DD70MS1  RH rear door upper interior moulding, woodgrain effect, with charcoal grey

                       insert, '84-96 Cherokee, £40.00

5DS75DX9AB  LH rear fender flare, flat black (option code K50), '97-01 Wrangler, £40.00, buyer collects

82205998  Six-disc CD changer, '98-05 Grand Cherokee, £150.00, Connecting cable not included

82207628  Taupe (charcoal) cargo compartment pull-out security cover, '02 Liberty

                    and '03 models built before 4 September 2002, £65.00, buyer collects

82207629 (part number believed to have been superceded by 5GF741L5AB)  Slate

                    grey cargo compartment pull-out security cover, '02 Liberty and '03 models

                    built before 4 September 2002, £65.00, three in stock, buyer collects

05014420AA  Heater mattrix, '99-02 Grand Cherokee 4-litre or 4.7 V8 auto, £120.00

QP95DX9AB  LH front fender flare, flat black (option code K50), '97-01 Wrangler,

                          £40.00, buyer collects



MOPAR (Chrysler, Dodge, Eagle, Plymouth)

Moog K83 upper arm kit (2 in stock), '41-56 CHRYSLER, DESOTO, '41-52 DODGE 1941 PLYMOUTH, £36.00

Mallory 2757901  Dual-point performance distributor, not vacuum advance type,

Small-block 273-318-360, £150.00

TFP 450 Chrome door handle inserts (pair), '94-01 Dodge Ram pickups, £20.00

1568404  Rear lamp lense, red, either side, '57-68 Dodge Utiline pickup, £12.00, two in


1937194  Park / turn indicator lamp lenses, clear, with integral bezel, either side, '57-62

                  Dodge pickup, £65.00 the pair

2809136  Rear lamp lens and gasket, red, '68 Dodge Charger (four used on car),

                  just three in stock, £50.00 each

2811259  Upper windshield moulding, '68-70 Dodge Charger and Coronet two-door

                  sedan and hardtop, £30.00, two in stock

2853636  RH fender-top turn signal lamp, '67-69 Plymouth Roadrunner and GTX and

                  Dodge Dart, '67-68 Plymouth Fury, VIP and Valiant, £40.00,

2927225  Fuel gauge, '69-73 Chrysler 300, New Yorker and Town & Country, Plymouth

                 Newport and Fury, £35.00

2930586  RH rear lamp bezel and 2932732 lens and housing (boxed assembly),

                  '69 Plymouth Roadrunner, GTX, Belvedere and Satellite excluding wagons,

                  £700.00, will not split

2933995  LH quarter panel lower front moulding, '69 Chrysler New Yorker hardtop,


2935294  RH interior door handle pull, front or rear, '70 -71 Chrysler 300, '70-72 New

                  Yorker (excluding '72 New Yorker Brougham) and Station Wagon, '70-73

                  Dodge Polara and Monaco, '70-73 Plymouth Fury and Sport Suburban,


2935295   LH interior door pull, front or rear (same applications as above), £10.00

2956452   Outside handle, RH front door, hinged side door or back double door,

                  '70-72 Dodge and Plymouth vans, £35.00, two in stock

2965416  RH front wheel opening moulding, '70-74 Dodge Challenger, £49.00

3004150  Park / turn signal lamp lense and bezel assemblies, with gaskets, either side,

                 '68-69 Dodge Coronet, £60.00 the pair

3197003  Heater control valve, '69-71 Dodge pickups, all with six-cylinder engine, £20.00

3444932  RH roof drip moulding, '70-74 Dodge Dart and Plymouth Valiant two-door

                  fastbacks without vinyl roof, £25.00

3444933  LH roof drip moulding, as above, £25.00, or £40.00 the pair

3461466  Deep-dish cover with "dome" centre ring for 15-inch wheels, '72 Chrysler

                  Newport and New Yorker (not Imperial), Dodge Polara and Monaco, Plymouth

                  Fury and Sport Fury, £120.00

3503859  Heater & AC fan wheel,  '84-92 Chrysler Town & Country and Plymouth Voyager

                      and Grand Voyager, '84-93 Dodge Grand Caravan, full-size vans and pickups, £30.00

3683376  Rear door centre moulding with black vinyl insert, either side, '72 Plymouth

                  Fury Gran Sedan, £58.00

3720259  (NAGS TB5002) Green-tinted rear screen, '74 Plymouth Fury and Dodge

                  Monaco two-door hardtops, £190.00, buyer collects

3744276  RH rear lamp lens & gasket, '72-80 Dodge sweptline pickups (not stepside),

                  '74-80 Dodge Ramchanger and Plymouth Trail Duster, £39.00

3744277  LH rear lamp lens, '72-80 Dodge sweptline pickups (not sweptline), '74-80

                  Dodge Ramcharger and Plymouth Trail Duster, £39.00

3747166  Window switch, £70.00       

3899564  Front door glass weatherstrip, outer at belt, either side, '71-79 Dodge and

                  Plymouth vans, also inner at belt '78-79 only, £18.00, two in stock

4017993  Full-width trunk lid moulding, embossed "Chrysler," '67-68 Chrysler Newport

                  and New Yorker, £90.00

4057973 repro LH rear lamp and gasket, '78-93 Dodge and Plymouth full-size vans,


4076867  LH rear lamp lense, Dodge Aspen sedan and coupe, '79-80, £39.00

4085606  RH park/turn lamp, '79-85 Dodge and Plymouth vans with rectangular

                  headlamps, £39.00

4184228  repro  Outside door handle, either side, front or rear, '80-83 Chrysler

                  Cordoba, '80-83 Dodge Mirada, '80-89 Plymouth Aries, and Reliant, £25.00

4198403  (NAGS TDD6200) LH door glass, tinted, '81-89 Dodge Aries and Plymouth

                  Reliant and '82-88 Chrysler LeBaron (not GTS) two-door hardtops, £120.00,

                  buyer collects

4249591  LH bright-finish headlamp bezel, '86-93 Dodge and Plymouth full-size van

                  with single rectangular headlamps, £54.00

4293164  (TRW 15701R) Remanufactured rack and pinion / steering gear, '81-89

                  Dodge 400/600, Aries and Plymouth Reliant, 82-88 Chrysler LeBaron, all with

                  TRW (not Saginaw) power steering, £220.00

4389132  remanufactured (Cardone 40-388)  Front wiper motor, '89 (Canadian) Chrysler

                  Daytona, (American) Fifth Avenue and Le Baron, '90-95 Le Baron and Town &Country, '89 Dodge Aries, Diplomat and '89-90 Omni and Daytona, '89-95 Grand Caravan (all with 2-3/8" diameter motor housing),

'89 (built from 4 Oct '88)-'94 Dodge B150 and B250 vans, '95-97 B1500-3500 Ram vans,

'89 (from 4 Oct '88) -'93 D and W150-350 pickups and Ramchargers, '89-90 Plymouth Caravelle,

'89  Gran Fury and '89-90 Horizon (all with 2-3/8" diameter motor housing), £120.00   

4658934  RH front door weatherstrip, outer at belt, '95-99 Dodge and Chrysler Neon sedans, £30.00

4680146  RH, centre row, outer seat belt retractor and belt assembly, black webbing,

                  '97-99 RHD Chrysler Grand Voyager and probably LHD Chrysler Town & Country

                   and Dodge Grand Caravan, £40.00

4690698AF  Steering column, tilt, manual trans, RHD '01-02 Chrysler PT Cruiser, £140.00

4716089  Euro-spec liftgate glass, tinted and heated, '97-00 Chrysler Voyager,

                  £100.00, buyer collects

4762257  LH park / turn signal lamp assembly, '91-95 Plymouth Voyager and Chrysler

                  Town & Country, £80.00

4797589 repro  Rear bumper cover, paint to match, '91-96 113-inch wheelbase Dodge

                  Caravan, Plymouth and  Chrysler Voyager and Chrysler Town & Country

                  LE and LX models, £120.00, buyer collects

4894890AA  RH front door glass, Euro spec, 01-08 Chrysler Voyager and Grand

                        Voyager, £95.00, buyer collects

4897842AC  Air cleaner cover '94-97 Dodge full-size pickups with 3.9, 5.2 or 5.9-litre

                        standard-duty engine, £20.00

5015987AD  LH rear door shell, '03 (only) Chrysler PT Cruiser, £395.00,

                       buyer collects

5016785AA  LH rear seat latch with grey release button, 01-05 PT Cruiser, £24.00

5057014AA  LH front door glass, Euro spec, green tint, '01-08 Chrysler PT Cruiser,

                        £95.00, buyer collects

5288767AI  LH headlamp / park / turn indicator assembly, with all bulbs,

                      '03-05 UK-spec Chrysler PT Cruiser, £125.00

5293043AI  Remote / keyless entry module, RHD '01 Chrysler PT Cruiser (may also

                      fit other applications), £45.00, five in stock

5293045AH Remote / keyless entry module, RHD '01 Chrysler PT Cruiser (may also

                       fit other applications), £45.00           

55023781  Door weatherstrip, either side, '72-93 Dodge full-size pickup (excluding '74),

                    including rear doors on crew cabs, £48.00

55054821  Tailgate clearance lamp housing/bracket, '94-02 (old style) Dodge

                    full-size pickup, £6.00                  

55054870 repro  RH headlamp housing assembly (less lense), '94-97 Dodge full-size

                   van, £30.00

55054871  repro  LH headlamp housing assembly  (less lense), '94-97 Dodge full-size

                   van, £30.00

55057072AF seal-radiator upper, £125.00

55176577AB (replaces 55176577)  Quarter window soft plastic moulding, either side,

                        '97-2006 Chrysler Sebring, Dodge Avenger, Eagle Talon, £20.00  

68050754AA grill badge, £65.00       

82205781  Rear splashguards, black, '01-08 Chrysler PT Cruiser, £25.00

82205888   Six-disc CD changer, '01-03 Chrysler PT Cruiser, £150.00

                     Connecting cable not included

82205896  Five-spoke alloy road wheel, with centre cap, '01-08 Chrysler PT Cruiser,


05014420AA  Heater mattrix, '97 Dakota "Magnum" 5.2 (318) V8, 3.9 V6 and 2.5 4-cyl,

                          '98 Dakota 5.2 and 3.9, '02 Dakota "Magnum" 3.9, '02 Durango 5.9 and 4.7

                          auto V8s, '08 Sprinter van with 3-litre V6 turbo diesel and 3.5 V6, £120.00

5FM58CA1AB (replaces 55076518)  "Dakota" door decal, silver, either side, ''97-03

                            Dodge Dakota, £30.00

KS76SZ1  Chrome ram's head grille/hood emblem, '96-00 Dodge Caravan, '97-99

                    Dodge Neon, '00-01 Dodge Neon (excluding R/T), £15.00

P3690152 Ign/control wire kit, £40.00

Y082HXR  Moulding, rear, RH front fender, '89-91 Dodge Daytona, £15.00 



Air Lift 57203 Suspension Air Helper Spring Kit, The LoadLifter 5000 air suspension kit fit many 1/2-, 3/4-, and

1-ton pickups and vans to haul the big stuff. Perfect for commercial trucks, wreckers, ambulances, construction and utility trucks, £320.00

Big Boy 2210  2,000lb (200lb tongue weight) trailer hitch, with instructions for fitting to (for example) '65-67 Buick Special, '65 full-size sedans, '69 Skylark, LeSabre and Wildcat, '65-69 Chevy full-size sedans, '68-69 Chevelle sedan, '65-66 full-size Chrysler sedans, '65 full-size Dodge sedans, '62-69 Ford Fairlane, '64-69 Falcon, '65-69 full-size Ford sedans, '66-72 Bronco, '66-67 Olds F-85, '65-66 Plymouth Fury sedan, '68-69 Fury sedan, £50.00

Brand unknown  Two-inch, 6,000lb peg-type trailer coupling ball, zinc plated, with used chrome cover, 2-1/8in shank length, 1in shank diameter, £30.00

CIPA 95400 Satin black steel replacement  truck mirror heads, either side, 140mmx216mm, £20.00 the pair

Coast to Coast International 15-inch chromed ABS wire wheel covers, set of four, £180.00

Counterparts HR10  Chrome retaining bezel / rim for 160x100mm rectangular                headlamps, £5.00

Draw-Tite 22343  Chrome 2,000lb (200lb tongue weight) bumper hitch, £35.00

Grote 9031  Red teardrop roof marker lamp, £10.00

Lokar CHT1300HT  Hood / trunk 7ft-long cable release kit, including billet aluminium handle, £50.00

Mile Marker 457 (Warn 9072) Premium manual front wheel locking hubs, '60-76 Chevy and GMC K20 pickups, '57-68 Dodge W100 and Ramcharger, '57-74 W200 pickup, '63-77 Ford F250 pickup with 3500# axle, '56-67 International 1/2 and 3/4-ton pickups, '74-76 Jeep J20 hreavy-axle pickup, plus any mini truck or van 43WD conversions with Dana 44 19-spline heavy duty axle, (right in photo), £118.00

Skyjacker 7900 Steering stabiliser / damper, '50-59 Chevy truck with staright axle, '60-71

Dodge D100, 200 and 300, '87-89 4WD Raider, '50-59 Ford F-series 2WD pickup, '60-64

2WD F100, '83-97 2 and 4WD Rangers, '84-90 4WD Bronco II, '91-94 4WD Explorer, '61-68

2 and 4WD International Scout, '59-60 4WD Jeep CJ3, CJ5 and CJ6, '66 4WD CJ3, '66-83

4WD CJ5, '66-75 4WD CJ6, '76-86 4WD CJ7, '66-67 4WD Commando, '66-73 4WD Jeepster,

'87-95 4WD Wrangler, '97-04 4WD Wrangler --- all the above with single stabiliser.  £45.00  Mounting kits will need to be fabricated

Speedway Motors  235-1935  Universal tapered-port carburetor adaptor, for '50s style         1-7/16"-port Rochester or four-jet carbs with smaller base pattern to all large or medium base 1- 11/16"- port or open 4bbl manifolds. Height 7/16", comes with top and base gaskets and mouinting studs, £12.00

Sweet Manufacturing W595 Steering column universal joint, 3/4"DD-to-3/4"DD, £75.00

TrailSeal ACP18  Tailgate weatherstrip, trim to suit, prevents dust, rain or snow getting past the gate and into the bed, £15.00

Valley 69260  3,500lb (350lb tongue weight) Class II trailer ball mount / 2-3/4-inch riser for receivers with 1-1/4-inch opening, £45.00

Warn 9790  Standard manual locking front wheel hubs, '77-87 Chevy and GMC K20 pickups, '69-74 Dodge W100 and Ramcharger, '81-93 Dodge W100 and 200 pickups and Ramcharger, '66-93 Ford Bronco, '59-78 Ford F100 pickup, '76-93 F150 pickup excluding '87-early'88 models with "flange mount," '59-75 F250 pickup with 3000# axle, '77-1/2-'93 F250 pickup with 3500# axle, '68-75 International 1/2-ton pickup and Travelall, '74-90 Jeep Gladiator, Wagoneer, Cherokee and J10 pickup, '77-90 J20 pickup, plus any mini-truck or van 4WD conversions with Dana 44 19-spline axle, (left in photo of hubs above) £85.00

Western Wheel 99-2581  Centre cap, £6.00

Yankee 1B118 Super-Sport low-mount truck / van mirror, electrostatic finish ready for

painting to match, max glass size 8-1/2x6 inches (very slight moisture mark), just £10.00



Automatic Transmission Service Group

Ford C5 technical service manual (1982-87), £15.00 (two in stock)

Chilton's Book Co

CARM '81, 409-page hardback covering all American cars from 1974 to 1981, £12.00 (four in stock)

CARM '82, 461-page hardback covering all American cars from 1975 to 1982, (wrapped but spines shop soiled), £10.00 (nine in stock)

CARM '83, 423-page hardback covering all American cars from 1976 to 1983, (wrapped but edge of pages slightly faded), £10.00

CARM '84, 534-page hardback covering all American cars from 1977 to 1984, (wrapped but edge of pages slightly faded, £10.00 (six in stock)

Fuel Injection & Electronic Engine Controls, 554-page softback guide covering all American Cars and trucks from 1984-88 (edges slightly faded) £8.00

Fuel Injection & Electronic Engine Controls, 520-page softback guide covering

US Ford and Chrysler models from 1988-90, £10.00

'75-87 Buick Century & Regal 355-page softback repair & tune-up guide published 1988 at $14.95, covering rear-wheel-drive models, £5.00 (cover slightly torn)

'68-76 Chevrolet 207-page hardback repair & tune-up guide published 1976 at $8.95, covering Biscayne, Bel Air, Impala, Caprice, Brookwood, Townsman and Kingswood, £5.00 (seven copies in stock, covers slightly soiled)

'60-69 Chevrolet Corvair 158-page softback repair & tune-up guide published 1971 at $8.95, covering standard models, Monza, Spyder, Corsa, Lakewood wagon and Greenbrier and 95 trucks, £5.00  (three in stock, covers faded)

'76-80 Dodge Aspen and Plymouth Volare 218-page softback repair & tune-up

guide published 1982 at $15.95, £5.00 (shop soiled)

'81-87 Ford / Mercury front wheel drive 290-page repair & tune-up guide published 1987 at $13.95, covering Ford Escort, EXP, Tempo and Mercury Lynx, LN7 and Topaz, £3.00 (two in stock, cover spines slightly faded)

'78-80 Ford Fiesta (US models) 173-page softback repair & tune-up guide

published 1979 at £$10.95, £3.00 (two in stock, shop soiled/covers CHRYSLER CORPORATIONfaded)

'71-80 GM sub-compacts 270-page softback repair & tune-up guide published 1983 at $13.95, covering Buick Skyhawk, Chevy Vega and Monza, Olds Starfire and Pontiac Astra and Sunbird, £3.00 (two in stock, slightly faded covers)

'80-81 GM X-body 245-page softback repair & tune-up guide published 1981 at $9.95, covering Buick Skylark, Chevy Citation, Olds Omega and Pontiac Phoenix, £5.00 (three in stock, shop soiled)

Chrysler Corporation

81-270-6001  Operator's manual, '76 Newport, New Yorker, Town & Country and Cordoba, £15.00

81-016-7011  Owner's manual, '97 Dodge Neon, £10.00

Ford Motor Co

Set of four factory manuals for 1982 models as follows:

Manual "A" covering Body, Chassis and Electrical for Ford and Mercury full-size cars (excluding Thunderbird and XR-7), plus Lincoln Town Car and MkVI Manual "D" covering Powertrain for all Ford, Mercury and Lincoln models (excluding Escort, Lynx, EXP and LN7)

Manual "F" covering Pre-delivery and Maintenance for all car models (excluding Escort, Lynx, EXP and LN7)

Manual "G" covering Engines and Emissions Diagnosis for all car models

£20.00 for the complete set

Powertrain, Lubrication and Maintenance shop manual for all 1985 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury car models excluding Tempo, Topaz, Escort, Lynx and EXP, £20.00

Powertrain, Lubrication and Maintenance shop manual for 1985 Ford Escort and Tempo and Mercury Topaz, Lynx and EXP, £15.00

Body, Chassis and Electrical shop manual for1985 Ford Crown Victoria, Lincoln Town Car and Mercury Grand Marquis, £20.00

Two-volume shop manual covering Body, Chassis  and Electrical for 1985 Ford Mustang, LTD and Thunderbird, Lincoln Continental and MkVII and Mercury Capri, Cougar and Marquis, £30.00

Body, Chassis and Electrical shop manual for 1985 Ford Escort andTempo and Mercury Topaz, Lynx and EXP, £15.00

Electrical and Vacuum Trouble-shooting manual for 1985 Ford Thunderbird and Mercury Couga r, £20.00

Owner's guide and maintenance record for 1990 FordBronco II, £5.00 (cover creased)

General Motors, and Helm (published for GM)

Chassis and body service manual for 1980 Buick Skylark, £15.00 (grubby and with missing cover)

Service manual for 1981 Pontiac Grand Prix, Le Mans  and Firebird, £5.00 (very tatty, no covers)

Service manual for 1984 Pontiac Fiero, £30.00 (pretty good condition, not torn)

Three-volume (GMP/00-Y1/2/3) Complete factory service manual set, 2000 Chevrolet

Corvette, £80.00

Three-volume (GMP/07-Y1/2/3)  Complete factory service manual set, 2007 Chevrolet Corvette, £80.00

ST-352-75  Wiring diagram supplements, '75 Chevrolet C, K, G and P light trucks, £5.00 (rather grubby, back cover missing)

ST-356-81  Advance workshop information manual containing preliminary service data, including wiring diagrams, for1981 Chevrolet passenger cars (prepared before all of the final producton specifications were established), includes many wiring diagrams, £15.00

ST-384-85  Shop manual covering 1985 Chevy Caprice, Impala, Monte Carelo and El Camino, £10.00 (front cover missing, but otherwise intact)

1625411  Owner's manual, '83 Cadillac Fleetwood and DeVille, £10.00

1632437 Owner's manual and maintenance schedule booklet, '86 Cadillac Cimarron, mint condition and encased in a grey leatherette folder, £25.00

3929232  Owner's manual, '67 Chevy Camaro, £15.00

3955545  Owner's manual, '69 Chevy Camaro, Chevelle and Nova, £20.00

3970667  Owner's manual, '70 Chevrolet Corvette, £10.00 (faded cover)

3991062  Owner's manual, '71 Chevrolet Corvette, mint, £15.00

9636063  Body service manual (excludes drivetrain) for all 1981 US and Canadian-built Fisher bodied models except T and X bodies, £10.00 (a little shop soiled, torn cover)

Jim Osborn Reproductions


MP104  Wiring diagram manual, '65 Chevy II and Nova, £7.50


S-A Design Books

Super 60's Fords, 127-page softback published 1989 at $14.95. "The inside story of the most powerful Fords ever built", £5.00 (six copies in stock)

V6 Performance, 127-page softback published 1982. A guide to building and modifying Ford, Chevy and Buick V6s for performance or economy,              £5.00 (seven in stock)

Petersen Publishing

Basic Cams, Valves & Exhaust Systems, 192-page softback published 1979

at $4.95. Covers both performance and economy tips, £3.00 (five in stock)


Owner's operating manual, '72 Brave, Indian and Chieftain motorhomes            (does not cover the base vehicles), £10.00

Owner's operating manual, '76 Dodge-based (440 engine) Chieftain motorhome, £15.00

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